Our favorite podcasts

Whether you want to be informed about current events or just want to be sprinkled with interesting and funny conversations - almost every topic is nowadays addressed in exciting podcasts. They can be integrated into your everyday life, you can listen to them while brushing your teeth in the morning, while cooking or while taking a walk in the sun. Even if the ceiling falls on your head because of boredom at home, podcasts are excellent entertainment. Here are our personal top 10 podcasts that are free on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and that you should definitely listen to. So, put on your headphones and let's go!

Top 10

  1. Hotel Matze
  2. Fair talk
  3. State of the Union
  4. Time: crime
  5. Best friends
  6. Times assumed
  7. Mixed hack
  8. The Mindful Sessions
  9. Lust for murder
  10. Podkinski

1. Hotel Matze

It seems like a reunion of old friends when Matze Hielscher chats with interesting personalities in his podcast Hotel Matze. Three years ago, the founder of the online magazine Mit Vergnügen launched the podcast Hotel Matze and has since conducted interviews with influencer Caro Daur, entertainer and actor Christian Ulmen and politician Robert Habeck, among others.

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Due to the versatile guests, there is something for every listener on Hotel Matze. The atmosphere of the podcast is so informal and relaxed that listeners don't get the feeling of a classic interview - the guests entrust Malte with private stories and experiences, and he occasionally lets anecdotes from his own life flow in.

2. Fairquatscht

On Fairquatscht, everything revolves around the topic of sustainability. Together with her interview partners, host Marisa Becker leads critical discussions around fair fashion, a plastic-free life or how the whole population can be steered a little more towards sustainability. The guests are experts in the field, which is examined in more detail in the respective episode. For the listeners of the podcast, there are always a few useful tips for more sustainability in everyday life to hand.

3. Lage der Nation

Let's move on to another podcast genre: Lage der Nation is a news podcast in which Philip Banse and Ulf Buermeyer have been discussing daily political events on a weekly basis since 2016. During the conversations between the journalist and the judge, current political and social events are highlighted and discussed both objectively and subjectively from the point of view of the two. Listening to the 60- to 90-minute podcast regularly, one has the feeling of not only being informed superficially about current events, but also of developing a comprehensive understanding of the political and social situation through the detailed conversations between the two.

4. Zeit: Verbrechen

Since 2018, the two Zeit journalists Sabine Rückert and Andreas Sentker have been presenting a criminal case every two weeks in the True Crime Podcast Zeit: Verbrechen. Often, these are cases that Sabine Rückert has dealt with herself as a court reporter. The criminal cases range from small, lesser-known events to cases that have received major media attention. They are chronologically processed and discussed. In the process, the life stories of the perpetrators are unrolled and closely examined during the podcasts. In this way, the criminal cases are also presented in a psychological way and the background is brought closer to the listener. Likewise, Sabine Rückert and Andreas Sentker address the legal aspects of the cases and shed light on possible errors in the course of the proceedings.

5. Beste Freundinnen

In their podcast, Max and Jakob chat so relentlessly honestly about their lives, love, women and sex that listeners really get the impression they are listening to the conversation of two best friends. The basis for their honesty is the anonymity of the two - they never show their faces, always wear a mask during appearances, and they came up with the names Max and Jakob for the podcast. Beste Freundinnen is particularly interesting for women, as you get insights into the men's world of thought. Max and Jakob's humor can be very shallow as well as have some depth. But you can be sure that you will laugh involuntarily at one point or another while listening.

6. Mal angenommen

Like Lage der Nation, the podcast Mal angenommen also deals with social and political developments. However, the focus here is not on current events - Mal angenommen is a future podcast that deals with possible social and political scenarios of the future. In the weekly episodes, a five-person team of correspondents from the ARD carries out thought experiments and thus shows possible developments for the future. A podcast that won't let you go, even after you've finished listening, and that encourages you to think about things and conduct your own thought experiments!

7. Gemischtes Hack

Mixed Hack is based on the different biographies of comedian Felix Lobrecht and comedy writer Tommi Schmitt. Despite their different social backgrounds, the two have one thing in common: their humor. This is often very dark and moves close to the border, but Felix Lobrecht and Tommi Schmitt never disregard the moral compass. Mixed Hack lives from anecdotes from the past and the professional everyday life of the two, in addition they ask themselves in the change weekly Five quick questions and give their listeners per episode a Lifehack for the everyday life on the way. In order to supply their listeners during the Corona crisis more input, the two introduced weekly special episodes on Saturday starting from 18 April. In this interview format, initially scheduled for six episodes, celebrities and people "from real life" will be asked five quick questions.

8. The Mindful Sessions

In our stressful and hectic everyday lives, we often forget or unlearn to be mindful and to allow ourselves some rest and relaxation in between. The Mindful Sessions podcast by mindfulness and meditation coach Sarah Desai is designed to pick up exactly where we left off and bring more mindfulness into our everyday lives. Through guided meditations, the podcast helps you switch off after a stressful day. In addition, Sarah Desai conducts expert interviews on the topic of mindfulness and mindful living and presents mindfulness exercises that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

9. Mordlust

Another podcast in the True Crime category is Mordlust. In each episode, journalists Paulina Krasa and Laura Wohlers present a criminal case to each other and discuss the psychological and legal background of these cases. Court cases and interviews with experts are also part of the podcasts. When the two talk about the details of the cases, a shiver can run down your spine as a listener. Despite the gruesomeness of the presented criminal cases, the podcast is not exclusively characterized by a gloomy atmosphere but is lightened up by funny (but never inappropriate) anecdotes during the conversation.

10. Podkinski

Palina Rojinski has been keeping her listeners in a good mood since 2019 with a breath of fresh air amidst all the podcasts. Her podcast is based on games: Every two weeks, she invites other celebrities like Stefanie Giesinger or Fahri Yardim to join her for a game night. In this way, she and her listeners get to know the guests in a different way than through a classic interview. The episodes never follow a strict pattern. The conversations are authentic, spontaneous and go in a variety of directions. After the game is over, Podkinski's listeners have the feeling that they have gotten to know the respective guest personally, with all their rough edges.