10 reasons to finally start yoga

Yoga is good for body and mind. Almost everyone knows that by now. But it still seems to be equally difficult to overcome one's own stubbornness. Here we explain why starting yoga "for real" is still a really good idea.

Yoga detoxifies

No money for expensive detox juice cures? Never mind, do yoga instead. Deep breathing and purposeful twisting movements can dissolve toxins that accumulate in the body due to environmental factors, industrially produced food and even stress. Yoga can specifically purify and thus also boosts your overall energy and well-being levels.

A true all-rounder

Yoga goes always and everywhere. It doesn't even require a lot of equipment. Online offers on YouTube, Instagram and Co. transform your living room, kitchen or balcony into your very own yoga studio. Soon it will hopefully be warmer again and the outdoor season is calling: How about a flow in the park in spring? With our sustainable Yoga bag you can safely store your mat, yoga wear and co. and casually take them with you everywhere.

Me time

Introverts beware: Yoga is wonderful on your own. Standing on the mat with yourself connects body and mind and is also extremely conducive to improved self-awareness. Take the time for yourself and do something good for your body and soul. A mindful time out with just yourself can work wonders, especially during stressful times.

A great community

For those who (pandemic-friendly) prefer to be around people after all, the yoga community offers a huge network that spans the globe. Meet new people at the yoga studio or - again, if possible - attend a yoga camp at home or abroad. Yoga classes and camps offer a great platform to exchange ideas with experienced yogis and get exciting yoga insights. This is often not just about the yoga practice, but also about a healthy lifestyle and mental wellness.

A matter of the heart

No more broken hearts: yoga is good for the heart, and not just in a metaphorical sense. Regular practice can reduce high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and stress - all risk factors that promote heart disease. In addition, yoga and mindfulness training strengthen one's resilience and resistance, helping to protect the heart and keep a cool head in stressful situations.

Body positivity

There is no such thing as a perfect body, and that's a good thing. Even in yoga, it's not about how you look, but how much you enjoy it. Really everyone can achieve personal goals and progress equally quickly. In addition, yoga and meditation help you to feel better in the long term in your own body and to be more satisfied with yourself.

Stylish yoga wear

Yoga wear not only looks casual but is also just super comfortable. Beautiful leggings and tops can be combined cool in everyday life and are the more elegant alternative to sweatpants in the home office. Especially as a motivational tool to start your own "yoga career", picking out a few nice and durable outfits and a pretty yoga mat brings joy. Best of all, there are super many sustainable options. You can find great, fair-produced products at cool labels like OGNX, Vio yoga or Mala yoga, for example.

Get stronger effectively

Even if it may not seem like it at first glance: yoga is not only relaxation, but also intensive sport. If you get on the mat regularly, you will quickly notice that your muscles are built up more slowly, but much more effectively. So, if you don't fancy HIIT workouts or kettlebells, you should try yoga. Plus, points: improved posture and a toned body.

Yoga lifts your mood

Especially in times of isolation, it's hard to always stay positive. The annual winter blues don't really make everything more bearable. Here, yoga proves to be an absolute wonder weapon to improve your mood. The aim is to show more gratitude and to change the perspective on problems. Maybe the world will look completely different when you stand on your head? For those of you who like to experiment: Laughter yoga exercises as the ultimate mood lifter.

Better sleep

We lie in bed in the evening, our bodies are dead tired, but our heads just don't want to rest. Work emails, unsolved problems or bad news keep us awake. Simply do yoga in the evening. The relaxing effect can help you finally shut down at the end of the day and sleep more calmly and deeply through targeted stress reduction. Great, isn't it?