7 tips for love at a distance

The lockdown poses some challenges for love at the moment. Especially when we can't see partners, friends or family. But even in times of minimum distance and contact restrictions, there are ways to be close. So that you don't lose your motivation in the second lockdown, we've put together seven tips that give you closeness beyond spatial boundaries. Best of all, they're guaranteed to work for any kind of love.

Send love

Just write something. Yes, by hand. Hard to imagine in the digital age, but that makes it all the more beautiful. Handwriting is personal, unique and of great emotional value. So, don't type, but text. Take your time and write a few lines - a postcard to your girlfriend, a letter to your family or a sweet note for your partner. Just because you think of them again.

Say it with music

Spotify playlists are the new mixtape. What worked in the past still works today. Nothing stirs emotions like music. Create a playlist and bring back memories - with songs from your last vacation, you’re wedding or the last party you went to together. Apps like Music League also let you create collaborative playlists with friends. Here's how it works: Everyone logs into the site with their Spotify account. Subsequently, topics are determined, and everyone posts their song anonymously in the round. Afterwards, the people who made the best choice are rated. Good mood guaranteed!

(Digital) Dinner

The restaurants are closed and even the trusted delivery service is just boring? Why not arrange to have dinner together in front of the screen? Pick a recipe in advance that everyone will like, shop for it during the week, and ring in the weekend with a fantastic meal and good company. Don't know how to cook? No problem - Hello Fresh, Kptn. Cook & Co. will turn even the most reluctant cook into a star chef. If that's still too much chopping, book a digital wine or gin tasting.


Small or large gifts are always well received - especially when they are not expected. Simply make a joy, even if just no birthday or anniversary is pending. We are, of course, fans of timeless, well thought-out gifts that give pleasure for a long time even after the lockdown and are really needed. For example, how about a homemade photo album full of beautiful memories or our sustainably produced backpacks in anticipation of the next trip?

Schedule appointments firmly

We all know it: "I'll call you in a few days" quickly turns into three weeks. Let's create more commitment - it works at work, too. Fixed routines also help us deal better with the current situation. For example, make a date with your girlfriend for a morning yoga flow, meet up with your colleagues after work for a virtual after-work drink, or call your mother once a week for a walk. Lift your spirits all by itself, I promise.

Start a new hobby together

Baking banana bread, preparing sourdough or knitting scarves - the first Lockdown has already given us some new hobbies that we never thought we'd have time for. Well, we still have time in round two. So, there is still something to do. Many exciting hobbies can also be discovered in pairs: Learn a common language for your next trip, start workouts together with Pamela "Fitness Queen" Reifs, or become DYI homemakers. There are almost limitless possibilities that will weld you together and strengthen your relationship with each other. At the same time, you'll also have fun and perhaps discover undreamt-of talents.

Target the next goal

Spoiler: Lockdown doesn't last forever. Hard to believe, we know. But we can already look forward to the time after that. Make plans together - the next vacation with your partner, the next trip with your best friend or the next festival with your clique. These plans need to be worked out. Research beautiful hotels, plan festival outfits or must-dos for the city trip. First of all, this will put you in a good mood, and secondly, it will help you stay motivated and relaxed. After all, shared anticipation is the best kind of joy. Apropos: When the first trip is coming up again, we have here the ultimate travel companion for you.