Talks about traveling

We love beautiful travel pictures and the stories and dreams they tell.These stories always include interpersonal events and conversations that arise around collects and illustrates these conversations.Together we have put together the best for you.

Long-distance travel

Hollow air.Conversation between a couple on the street.I would walk 1000 miles for you.


Eimsbüttel.Conversation between two friends in the supermarket.Holiday hashtags.

Instagram account

Dam gate.Conversation between two young women looking at a cell phone.Postcard Perfect.

Caribbean Europe

Neustadt.Conversation between two women about the good weather in Hamburg.That one time the sun shines and they go crazy.

Woman on the phone.On the train to Hamburg.Is the lonely island the new ghosting?


Hamburg airport.12:35.Conversation between two men at the security checkpoint.Cheers O'Clock.


Wurzburg.Talk to a cafe.Soul-searching and crab rolls.