Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is upon us again and our preparations for the holidays are in full swing. But while the Christmas season is arguably the most reflective time of the year, it is unfortunately not the most sustainable. In the following article, we'll give you a few tips to make the holidays a bit more sustainable than they used to be - all without having to sacrifice festive Christmas cheer!

Support your locals

Now more important than ever, support local businesses by buying your Christmas gifts from small, independent businesses in your area. This often works online or by phone via Click or Call & Collect. The benefits? In addition to short transportation routes and the promotion of a strong, sustainable, local economy, you'll probably find particularly original gifts from a carefully selected assortment in the small stores, with which your loved ones have guaranteed not yet been gifted.

DIY gifts

Everyone likes to give creative gifts. With the implementation of Do-It-Yourself gift ideas, you can escape the stressful online shopping marathon and take the initiative yourself. DIY gifts are usually easy to make with the help of a few utensils and yet every recipient knows immediately that a lot of love, effort and time was put into the creation. From pottery jewelry bowls, chocolates or body scrubs to the new trend of twisted candles, there are no limits to your creativity. If you're looking for ideas directly in this regard, check out the reels on our Instagram account!

Rent a Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree can't be missing over the holidays for many. Unfortunately, this tradition is usually not very sustainable, as the majority of trees sold in Germany come from plantations that are treated with pesticides - enormously harmful to soil, water and animals. If you still don't want to do without your Christmas tree, you can opt for sustainable alternatives: It is possible to rent a Christmas tree. The rented tree arrives in a pot and is picked up again by the rental company after the holidays, planted and can continue to grow. Thus, even after a few days in the living room, it has a chance of life after Christmas and did not have to be cut down specially, after years of growth, for a few days as a Christmas tree.

Sustainable gift wrapping

Unwrapping is one of the most beautiful and exciting things about Christmas for many of us. But how can we wrap gifts prettily without wasting tons of wrapping paper? 
 Using brown, eco-friendly recycled paper instead of reaching for glittery plastic wrap goes a long way! Natural colored paper works great with a eucalyptus or pine branch as a decoration. Even more sustainable - and also a real eye-catcher - is the Furoshiki technique. This is a Japanese style of wrapping where gifts are artfully wrapped in fabric. You don't even need tape or ribbon for this wrapping. We show you three different variations of the Furoshiki wrapping technique on our Souleway Instagram account.

Quality over quantity

Don't give gifts just for the sake of giving. Especially during the Christmas rush, we tend to buy gifts in a panic and at the last minute. But instead of buying too many things that end up not being used - or even thrown away - the focus should be on choosing each gift wisely. It's helpful to ask yourself whether each purchase is meaningful, useful and worthwhile. We also ask ourselves these questions when it comes to developing Souleway products. Based on this, we produce all our bags and backpacks locally in Hamburg and pay attention to durable materials to create a faithful companion for you and your loved ones.