Street art that we love

We've already taken you to some cool street art destinations on Instagram. There is a lot of colorful graffiti and murals to discover all over Europe. Here we want to tell you more about the individual places, which artists they are and what other reasons there are to consider the respective destinations as your next travel destination.

1. Vantees

Our first image is of a Portuguese artist who, in most of his street paintings, depicts people from behind. Old people to be exact. This work can be found in Garca, Lisbon. Where exactly is unclear. If you happen to be in Garca anytime soon, keep your eyes peeled!


For the second piece of art, head to London, Portobello Road. This artist is a former copywriter and now aspiring street artist. Started in 2013, this American also tattoos the walls in cities like San Francisco, Toronto, Melbourne and Berlin using a stenciling technique.

3. Caro Pepe

To see this street art, head to Berlin to the Urban Art Hall in Spandau. Caro Pepe comes from Argentina and, in addition to street art, also makes paintings on canvas or paper and has been celebrating success in the capital since 2012. Her art is an expression of the inner world and the complex nature of emotions.

4. Unknown

Unfortunately, someone unknown to us is behind this abstract flower as a street sign ornament. The photo was taken in the Rue Paulin-Méry in the south of Paris. If you should be there, necessarily in the "La Butte de Piafs" in the Rue des cinq Diamants stop by and drink a Parisienne blanche in the quaint, cozy bistro.

5. Kreda

Szczecin is known (or just unknown, high time to change that...) for its green abundance, almost French downtown and delicious Paszteciki dough balls, but also impressed by the many street art. The artist is now so popular in Poland that his art is also printed and sold on T-shirts.

6. Tirso Paz

About his graffiti art, Tirso Paz says he found his inspiration in Barcelona for depicting women, animals, light and superimposition. Sprayed Tirso Paz this woman in the neighborhood Poblenou.

Insider tip

Insider tip for Poblenou: Lugaris Apartments offers a relaxing pool on its sea-view terrace.

7. Kien

Istanbul. Bazaars, hustle and bustle, street art. This talented sprayer is just one of Istanbul's many notable artists, and in this image, he's depicting the like-hustle on Instagram. The graffiti can be found in the Bomontiada. This was designed as a center where cultural activities, performances, concerts, visual and audio performances, food festivals and creative meetings are held.

8. Unknown

Unfortunately, we have no idea who this work might be by, but it is in Tel Aviv and on display is a dog. That makes it already two convincing reasons to land in our top ten ranking. Fun Fact to go with the theme: every Tuesday night in Tel Aviv the skaters are out, meet at Habima National Theatre at 9:45pm.

9. Insane51

He is a Greek who knows how to win over Europe. 3D art is the secret. It's worth checking out the Instagram account to discover how far he's come with his craft. You'll have to head to Josephstraat in Rotterdam for this piece. Maybe soon we will associate his name with really big canvases.

10. Pablo Piatti

Street art with a difference: in his adopted home of Antwerp, Pablo Piatti mainly shows the beauty of nature in delicate murals. In this painting, he was hired by the Dim Dining restaurant (insider tip when in Antwerp) to give the house wall a fine touch with a geisha.